DISGUSTING: British SKY News Commentator Appears to Justify Assassination Attempt on Populist Prime Minister Robert Fico, Compares Him to Victor Orban – As Fico Battles for His Life in Hospital

Leftist writer Juraj Cintula is arrested after he fired five shots at populist Prime Minister Rovert Fico in Slovakia earlier Wednesday in an attempted assassination.

BREAKING UPDATE: Prominent leftist writer Juraq Cintula was arrested following the attempted assassination of populist Slovakian President Robert Fico.

reported earlierConservative-Populist Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot today and severely injured outside a government meeting.

Conservative-populist Slovakian Prime Minister is dragged to his car after he was shot today.

Robert Fico was shot FIVE TIMES by the deranged leftist!

There is video of Robert Fico being dragged to this car after he was shot.

Cintula was the founder of the organization “Movement Against Violence.”